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Doc Savage Omnibus #7

Doc Savage Omnibus #7 - Kenneth Robeson "I love the Doc Savage adventures but I have to say that I enjoy the pre-war stories much more than the post-war tales. The Doc of the thirties and early forties was a larger than life yet completely human protagonist who got by on his incredible physical strength, his amazing intellect, and his collection of clever gadgets. In many ways Doc was Superman and Batman combined. He even had his Fortress of Solitude. We marvelled at his strength and cleverness and we knew that Doc, along with his five faithful companions, would win out in the end. In the post war stories we still know he will come out on top - he's still Doc Savage, afterall- but he is no longer fun to watch. Full of doubt in himself and his men, this Doc is at times indecisive if not down right confused. Gone are the gadgets and the cool science and most of the stories center around only two of his incredible companions, Monk and Ham.
Having said all this, here's my point - only one story in this collection was pre-war. The other three feature the sad, weak Doc of the post-war years. That's why I'm going back to read The Thousand Headed Man - Doc Savage at his best."